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Cardistry Event Hamburg 2021

The “Cardistry Event Hamburg” was held on 9th of october 2021. 


With an attendance of 50 people (at the time the maximum allowed due to covid), of which seven guests traveled internationally to join us, it was a great success.


At the event we had some video screenings, minigames and a freestyle competition.


Watch this video to see how great the vibe was. There are also some videos that some of the attendees took themselves. You can find them on Youtube when you search for “Cardistry Event Hamburg”.


We even had two sponsors for that event: Komorebi and Hourglass Playing Cards

Each attendee got a goodie bag featuring 3 decks from our sponsors and a booklet.


The booklet was something really special for us. We spend a lot of work to fill it with as much variety to create a special piece for people to remember the event. It included two featured Cardists who were able to show off who they are at that place, an exclusive tutorial, a game we came up with and a lot of photos. We just printed a run of 70 booklets to keep them really exclusive for this event.

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