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YDEK Playing Cards

This project was first introduced at the Cardistry Experience 2022. With an original design by Nick, we tried to produce our own deck of cards. Our work included the designing process, as well as the promotion of the cards through Instagram, YouTube and on our Event. A Community Video featuring this deck was even screened at Cardistry Con 2022 as part of the “Cardistry Fest” competition. 

Even though this project failed, and we were not able to print the cards in the end, it was a great experience to try it out and we learned a lot. We worked with a lot of great Cardists, who helped us promote the deck with some prototypes that we printed in advance.


To collect the money for the printing, we used Kickstarter, which is a common way in the Cardistry community. We set the goal of 3500€, which would have allowed us to print the cards, but as we just reached 1808€ (52%) at the end of our 40-day time period, every supporter received their money back, and we had to cancel the project. We learned so much from this and would love to give it another try in the future to achieve holding our own real deck of cards in our hands, and offering them to interested Cardists worldwide.